Our History

"Learn computers in Rs. 10 per hour!!" - said the first PCTI pamphlet distributed on 13th April 1991, on the day of PCTI's launch.

In the 1990's, when computers were accessible only to large companies and upper and upper middle-class households, this groundbreaking concept caught people's attention! And this is how PCTI got its first student - a vegetable vendor!

PCTI was started with merely 2 computers in a room in a residential building, with the porch converted into the reception area. PCTI's founder Mrs. Deepshikha used to start her day early as a cleaning supervisor, then manned the reception, then donned the hat of a computer teacher and a lab assistant, then became the cashier counting the collection of the day, before finally closing late at night.

Gradually as word started to spread, the number of students increased. And then PCTI hired its first few part-time employees for teaching. These were PCTI's own students who wanted to continue their learning and teach at the same time for a nominal compensation.

Over a period of time, PCTI started to offer several computer training courses and hired full-time and part-time faculty. Armed with a dedicated staff, more computers, new courses and new ideas, PCTI was ready to scale.

In the year 1994, when our CEO, Major Sushil Goel joined PCTI, he helped PCTI build an association with IGNOU - India's most reputed distance education university. This was beginning of our footprint in the distance education space. Since then, we have reached milestone after milestone and carved a name for ourselves in the country. Starting with IT education, we expanded into management, humanities and various other kinds of courses. We also forged relationships with several other universities across India. Click here to learn about our major milestones in education.

In the year 2000, PC Training Institute Ltd. was incorporated, and we forayed into much bigger projects into education. In 2004, we launched IDAC - The Training & Assessment Institute - our new venture into counseling, assessment and training. This also marked the first step towards the diversification of PCTI Group. Since then we have launched many businesses, several of them successful, some not-so-successful, while continuing to expand our educational services.

Today, PCTI Group has several business verticals with hundreds of employees, business associates, clients and lakhs of students and ex-students across the nation. We are continuing to grow at a rapid yet sustained pace, and hope to scale new heights in the time to come.

As they say - "Rome was not built in a day", and so we believe this is only the beginning.

Media Coverage

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